Sunday, May 13, 2018

A Very Happy Mother's Day

                I really hope all you fabulous mamas had a wonderful Mother’s Day. If you don’t follow my personal Facebook page, I announced today that we are expecting a new little one and could not be more excited. It has been quite a while since my last post. My first trimester has been a bit of a  nightmare, but I think I’m getting past the first rough part. Yay second trimester!

                Since I do have some energy returning, I have been able to get back into my sewing room and start working on my projects again. This morning, I was able to make a little sign for Ella to hold for the announcement picture. I made her a shirt several weeks ago, but it disappeared after I washed it. My washer may have a taste for more than just socks.  I used my wonderful Cricut Maker for both.

                The shirt I will do a tutorial on later, but I do have a picture of her surprising her daddy. For the sign, I used Oracle 650 vinyl and cut out my designs with the Maker and Cricut Design Space. Once everything was cut, I weeded out the extra vinyl leaving only the letters. This part can take some time and patience, but the weeding tool makes it easier. The “big sister” design is a layered design, so extra care should be taken when placing the layers where they line up just right. The best way that I have to place the vinyl is by using contact paper to transfer the cut vinyl from the backing paper to the project surface. I cut a bit of contact paper to the size I need for the design and stick it to the right side of the vinyl. To make sure it sticks, I run a card over it to work out any air bubbles. Lifting off the contact paper will bring with it the design and you can place it on your project. Contact paper does not have the same strength adhesive and comes off cleanly leaving your design in place.

                The sign came together fairly quickly with the help of my little assistant. She is really excited about the new addition and will talk about her baby often. She has even helped pick out things to make for her new sibling. We will be finding out the gender next month so until then we can work on neutral projects, clothes for Ella, and baby doll clothes. So much fun! I hope everyone has a fantastic week. Happy crafting!

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