Thursday, March 15, 2018

Say Hello!

Buddies watching Bubble Guppies together.
It has been a busy few weeks. I have been working on putting together new patterns for the shop and have had a blast digitizing the patterns that I have created for Ella. Check out the shop at Wild Child Designs and see what’s new. For my birthday, I got the Cricut Maker which is amazing. The one I had used working for Michael's was nice but this one is incredible. I have been trying out all of the new features and plan on putting together a few posts with it soon. Making shirts for Ella has been my favorite thing, so far. She gets so excited about everything and I love it.

This past weekend we got an adorable new family member. He is a sweet little goofball lab puppy named blue. Ian has been wanting “a real dog” so badly and by that he just meant a large breed. He had been looking for a while and when he saw these pups, that was it. It has worked out really well and Ella loves him, as long as he isn’t too bouncy. He has about 10 times the energy that she is used to with Roxy. They keep each other company which is just adorable.

I really need to make him his own snuggle bed since he likes Roxy’s so much. He is going to outgrow it soon and Roxy would love to have her bed back. She has really been a good sport and very patient with his puppy shenanigans. It is a little like having another toddler at times. There is never a dull moment around this house.

Well, it’s time for this mama to get back to work. Happy crafting everyone! 

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