Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Making a Wrist Pincushion

                 Over the last few weeks, I have been working on several different things and have been pretty quiet. There are fantastic new things coming to both the blog and the shop and I could not be more excited. Today I have a new project that I created out of necessity. While sewing a few projects, I had to do quite a bit of moving around and kept having to go back to grab my pincushion. My solution was to make my own little wrist pincushion. I dove into my stash and used an old baby food lid to whip one up.

                I started out with a piece of elastic that I had measured to fit my wrist plus an inch. Sewing the ends together, I hot glued the band into the center of the baby food lid and sat that to the side to cool. For the cushion, I cut a 5” circle out of a fat quarter. I used the lid from a peanut tin to trace out a perfect circle. With the circle cut out, I used a running stitch along the edge to gather up the sides of the cushion.

                For the inside of the pincushion, I used my extra fine steel wool. It works great to clean and sharpen your pins. It really is one of my favorite fillings with the other one being the serger scraps. It is a great way to use something that would otherwise be thrown out. With the size, I did need to manipulate the wool a bit to make it fit the shape of my cushion neatly.

                Once I was happy with my filling, I drew up the thread ends and closed up the opening. For a little decoration, I found a few vintage pearl buttons and sewed them into the center. I attached the cushion into the lid with hot glue and dressed up the side of the lid with black ribbon. ¼” was the perfect width to cover the lettering. Once the glue was cool, I was ready to go.

                I use this pincushion all the time. It is so convenient to have all your pins right there and you can make it in no time. I also used the same process with a slightly smaller circle and a bottle cap to make a little version for my machine. I used a removable sticky tab to adhere it to my Brother. This was a fun little project to make and I hope you enjoy it too. Happy crafting!

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