Saturday, February 3, 2018

Adventures in Quilting

                There are a few quilt tops in need of finishing in my closet. It has been years since I have worked on a quilt and I needed some practice before tackling the big quilts. I figured I would go ahead and knock out the baby quilts that I had planned for Ella. There was no piecing require since the tops are fabric panels which makes these a simple project that can be done fairly quickly. In my collection, I have Bambi and Ariel panels. I chose to start with Bambi.

                 With the fabric prepped, I sandwiched the batting between the top and bottom fabric. Starting in the center, I used large safety pins made for quilting to baste everything together. I tried to place the pins where I would be stitching so the holes would be covered in quilting stitches. The quilting hoop I used was an old 18-inch hoop which worked really well. I started with Bambi’s face and moved outward from there. Bambi, his name, and the gold borders are all hand-quilted. This part did take some time. It took me and my little helper 3 full days to finish this part. Ella was my quality control and snuggle tester. She was so excited about Bambi.

                If you have never quilted by hand, you will want to use hand quilting thread and a running stitch to quilt your design. Gathering the quilt on the needle before pulling the thread through speeds up the process and helps keep your stitches a little more even. I used the lines of the Bambi design as a guide but you can create your own if you like. Drawing them out with chalk works really well since it is easy to remove once you are done.

                Once I was done quilting the design, I was ready to bind the edges. I had already picked out the satin blanket binding. It matches Bambi’s ears and I like how it brings out the little details. I trimmed the edges so they would be even. There were a few issues with stitching the binding on my machine. Bobbin issues can cause a big mess and a massive headache. Once I had switched the bobbin and stopped fussing at it, I stitched the raw side down with my machine. Using binding clips to hold the satin in place, I flipped the folded edge over to the opposite side and used a binding stitch to secure it by hand.

                I think it looks really cute. When I look at it, can see issues with the binding but Ella doesn’t care. She loves it and has been cuddling in it watching Paw Patrol. Now I have to get to work on the Ariel blanket. Happy crafting!

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