Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Make a Snuggle Bed for Your Fur Babies

                It has been a while since we replaced Roxy’s little dog bed and it was getting pretty worn. With the cold and snow, I decided that she needed a new bed. She stays inside but she is little and loves to snuggle up. This pillow has a built-in blanket which is perfect for my little Roxy. Here is how I made her a snuggle bed.

                In my fabric collection, I have a bunch of fleece and that is what I used for this project. If you are looking for materials, this time of year is a great time to pick up those little fleece blankets that retailers sell for the holidays. They are usually on clearance after Christmas and are perfect for craft projects. I chose a little red blanket and a cute little scotty print. My scotty fabric measured about a yard and a half. 

                I folded the scotty fabric in half with the selvage edges together and right sides together. To create the top, I stitched around 2 sides leaving the fold alone. Using the remaining open side, I flipped the whole thing right side out. To make sure it would lay right, I topstitched down the edge under the scotty border.

                For the pillow, I folded the fleece blanket in half twice to make it the same size as a standard pillowcase. Roxy has claimed an old pillow from our bed and I figured I would use that for stuffing. The folds in the blanket created a clean opening for the pillow and a secure side. All that remained was to stitch the 2 open sides and flip the pillowcase.

                To attach the top blanket, I pleated the edges to match the pillowcase and pinned them together. I still wanted to be able to remove the pillow if needed so I pinned the pleated top to one side of the pillowcase opening with the right side facing the case and carefully stitched along the edge. Next, I pleated the side of the blanket that I had left open and pinned it to the edge. I placed the pleat close to the corner so it would make more of a pocket for Roxy and stitched up the side. To make sure the pillow would stay put, I stitched about 8 inches down the opposite side.

                With the pillow inside, I flipped the blanket right side out and tucked the opening into the back. If we have issues with the pillow staying in place, I may add snaps. So far so good. I really wanted a picture of Roxy snuggling but she is really camera shy. Ella let me borrow a couple of her puppies to use as models.

Chase is on the case!

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