Saturday, January 27, 2018

Make Embroidered Wall Art for Your Home

                Everyone knows that I have a thing for Pinterest. I love scrolling through the pins looking for inspiration. Constellations have been huge and, since I have been working on my hand embroidery, I figured I would make a little wall hanging. Using constellation maps, I created this piece with our zodiac signs.

                I used an 18” square of black fabric from my collection. It is a thicker cotton almost like canvas. The fabric stretched nicely over the hoop I used which is a vintage 14” wooden quilting hoop. With the fabric stretched in the hoop, I sketched out my design using white chalk. For the design, I wrote the saying first in my own handwriting because I liked the personal touch. I used a map to temporarily mark where the stars should be. The great thing about using the chalk is that you can remove it easily with a damp cloth. This was the case with the stars, once I found a map I liked better.

                For the lettering, I used a backstitch with white DMC floss to trace over the chalk template I had made. To make the wording stand out a bit more, I stitched them with all 6 strands of the floss together. If you have never embroidered anything, the backstitch is an easy one to learn. I was thinking about doing a tutorial for basic embroidery stitches so let me know if you would like to see something like that.

                I was going to use French knots to make the stars but I wanted them to shine a bit. Instead of knots, I used silver lined seed beads. With 2 strands of silver floss, I stitched beads over the dots I had made to map out my stars. I connected the beads that would form the constellations with long stitches in silver. The map that I used showed brighter stars and for those, I added flat back clear gems with Aleene’s craft glue.

                Once the gems were dry, I trimmed the extra fabric around the frame. I left an inch to turn under and secure to the hoop. I used hot glue to tack it to the wood. To cover the back, I measured a 14” circle out of black felt and tacked it around the edge of the hoop. Any leftover markings came off easily with a damp cloth. I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out and I think it’s a cute way to say “I love my family.”

               Happy crafting everyone!

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