Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Hello 2018!

We spent New Years with Peppa Pig
                So, here we go with a brand-new year and so far, it has been pretty good. I hope everyone ate their black-eyed peas for good luck on Monday. The resolutions are still going strong. I am working on being healthier and have started a 30-day challenge. My poor legs are so sore but overall, I feel good and I’m sure it will get easier as the month goes on. I’m not doing a specific diet but I am cutting out junk and fast food and cooking more healthy meals. My new Instant Pot is amazing and makes it much simpler to cook actual meals each night. It is really use once you get the controls down. Ella enjoys “helping” cook and with my workout each day. She has much stronger abs than I do.

She really loves the headband.
                I have been back to work on my projects and will have a new post soon. Still working on my current fabric collection. It seems like I have made so much but the collection hasn’t really shrunk. It is really fun to rediscover old projects and fabric that I had forgotten. Amazon Prime Video has past seasons of Doctor Who so I have that going while I sew. Ella loves it and will watch with me. I do have to make sure that she doesn’t just watch tv all day. We do little activities and play throughout the day.

Doctor Who time with Snuffy
                This weekend, we will be back with a new project from the collection. I upcycled old clothes and a quilt block that I found at a flea market into a cute pillow. My little quality control has tested the pillow and loves it. I hope you are all having a great first week of 2018. Happy crafting!

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