Saturday, December 2, 2017

Making PJ Pants With Cuffs

                For these little PJ pants, I started out with making a pattern, using a pair of 18-month pants. I followed the same steps as in my post last July, Making Pants from Your Own Pattern. Of course, I am still using fabric from my collection. I bought this Rudolf fabric last year with the intention of making a stocking for Ella. After the stocking, I had about a half yard left. The print is one way and it was a bit short for the full pant, with half inch seam allowances, so I used a complementary fabric to make a contrasting cuff. Here I how I adjusted the pattern.

             Once I had the pattern. I shortened the legs by 2 inches and cut my main piece out of the Rudolf fabric. For the cuff, I cut a 5-inch strip as wide as the bottom of the pant leg. I folded the strip in half, pressed, and pinned it to the right side of one leg with raw edges together. After stitching them together, I laid the full leg out flat, pressed the seam, and topstitched above the cuff. I repeated the steps with the second leg.

                To assemble the pants, I laid the pieces with right sides together and pinned the curves and stitched each one. I wanted to reinforce the seat so I stitched into each allowance of each curve 1/8 inch from the seam. To prevent fraying and finish the seams, I trimmed the seam allowance with pinking shears. Laying the pants out flat, I pinned the inseams together and stitched up one leg and down the other. I reinforced the crotch and trimmed the allowances.

                I trimmed the raw edge at the top with the pinking shears before making the elastic casing. To make the casing, I folded the top 1 ¼ inch down with the wrong sides together. Stitching ¼ inch from the edge, I left 1 ½ gap to insert elastic. The bodkin is the easiest way I know to insert the elastic. If you don’t have one, you can use a safety pin instead. Once I had pulled the elastic through and the ends stitched together, I closed up the gap and turned the pants right side out.

                As a cute little detail, I added a little bow to the front. I made the bow out of decorative satin ribbon and stitched it over the casing at the center seam. They turned out so cute and I really hope Ella likes them. We will be decorating the tree tonight and these are going to go in her little holiday prep kit. Have fun everyone and happy crafting!

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