Thursday, December 14, 2017

Making New Stockings!

I’m still working through my fabric collection and going through old projects. Last year I got fabric for a new set of stockings for everyone but never got around to making them. A year later, they are done and look so cute! Making your own stocking is easy. This is what I did to make ours.

I used McCall’s pattern 2991 for reference. To get the size and styles that everyone wanted, I tweaked the process a bit. Once I picked the style, I cut out 2 pieces for the stocking body and a single piece for the cuff. The pointed cuff was a bit different. I cut 4 cuff pieces instead of the 1 large piece.

With the right sides together, I pinned the stocking body pieces together and stitched ½ inch from the edge leaving the top open. For the hanger, I pressed the seams and attached a loop of ¾ inch ribbon. I cut about 5 inches of ribbon and folded it over. Matching the raw edges, I stitched the loop to the wrong side of the back seam.

To make the cuff I stitched the piece into a circle with the right side facing in and pressed the seam. I rolled the cuff so that the raw edges were matched up and the right side was facing out. With the cuff folded in half, I pressed the edge making sure to only crease the bottom edge.

             I pinned the loop down out of the way and placed the cuff around the top of the stocking body. Pinning the raw edges together, I stitched the cuff to the body with a half inch seam allowance. To make sure that the cuff laid nicely, I turned the stocking right side out and pressed the seam toward the inside of the stocking body. The pointed cuff required a few more steps but was just as simple. I took the 4 cuff pieces and pinned them together in sets of 2 with right sides together then stitched down the curved edges. Pressing the seams, I pinned the cuff pieces together with the right sides facing inward. Once I sewed along the bottom edge, I clipped the curves in the seam allowances and turned the cuff right side out. From there, I put the cuff on just like the other style. 

The stocking was done once I flipped down the cuff. At this point, you can add bells, buttons, or whatever you would like to embellish your stocking. I sewed bells on the little elf toes, buttons on the pointed cuff, and rick rack around the cuff of the peppermint. They turned out really cute and we can use them for years to come. 

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