Thursday, December 21, 2017

Making a Felt Holly Wreath

                We have been busy busy busy around here. So many fun crafts and gifts to make. I was digging through my fabric collection and found a ton of leftover felt. My normal wreath is missing so I decided to make a new one with the felt. It was really simple to make and here is what I did.

                I started out by making a pattern. I cut the wreath form on the fold so the pattern piece is a half-circle made from a 10-inch inner circle and a 25-inch outer circle. If I make another one, I will be making the outer circle larger because I wish it was a little bit fuller for my front door. This size makes a really cute indoor wreath. To assemble the wreath form, match up 2 full circle pattern pieces with right sides out and stitch around the inner circle and outer circle. Leave a 3-inch gap in the outside to stuff. I used small fabric scraps and stuffed the form as fully as possible. The wreath will keep its shape much better with more stuffing.

                For the holly leaves, I drew them out on the felt and cut them out. To add some contrast, I used a light green and a dark green. I started out with 30 of each color. You can always add more if you need to fill in spots. To attach them, I used hot glue but I do recommend using a popsicle stick or something like it instead of pressing the leaves down by hand. I burned myself with the glue more times making this wreath than I have in all of my years of crafting.

                Once the leaves were on, I made a bow and attached it to the top. I had little red bells left over from another Christmas project. They made perfect little berries. I glued them to the wreath between the leaves. I really like how it turned out even though it is a bit small for the front door. It looks cute with the indoor decorations. Happy crafting! 

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