Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Holiday Prep

     Ella really liked her little prep kit.The little pants I made last week were super cute on her and she had a blast decorating the trees. Last year she was so little and she mostly slept through the whole process. She did enjoy the lights. This year we watched Christmas movies, wore our PJs, and had a great time decorating. Next year, I was thinking about doing the same thing but tossing an elf on the shelf in the basket too. It would be a great way for Santa's little scout to arrive.

     She was such a good little helper elf that we got to go to my parents' and her cousin, Cheyanne, help with their tree on Sunday. It was a great weekend and the girls had a ton of fun. Now all I need to get my shopping done and wrap packages. Have a great week everyone. Happy crafting!

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