Thursday, November 9, 2017

Make Your Own Unique Pincushion

                I had last Saturday to myself so I figured I would take some time to shop my favorite flea markets. As always, I look for anything sewing related or things that can be upcycled. This cute little rocking horse was one of my favorite finds. It’s a little vintage planter and was made by Haeger Pottery. My thought was that it could be a really cute and unique pincushion. Here is how I upcycled this little ceramic horse into a useful and decorative pincushion.

                This little horse was spotless when I bought it so no need to clean it out. I chose a fat quarter from my stash. I really liked the red with the walnut glaze. I used the lid from my button tin to mark a 9” circle. To make the cushion, I gathered the edges and drew them into the center.

                For the stuffing, there are a few options. I used super fine steel wool so that the cushion sharpens the pins. You can also stuff it with poly-fil or tiny scraps of fabric. The inside of the planter is pretty deep so I did end up using small scraps, left over from making the unicorns, to fill in the open space under the steel wool.

                Once the stuffing was in, I closed the opening and tied off the thread. The cushion fit snuggly in the planter, which was great since I didn’t want to use glue on the inside. I am really happy with the way it turned out. You can do this with any little vessel. I will be doing this same process with a little wooden shoe I found, once I choose a matching fabric. The paint on the shoe needs to be touched up a bit, as well. So, I may save that one for after the holidays.

 Happy crafting everyone!

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