Monday, November 13, 2017

Afternoon Hiking Trip

                This past weekend we decided to take a little road trip and look at the fall colors. The weather was great and as we were driving, I noticed the sign for the Natural Bridge. It’s a little park that was built around a sandstone natural bridge. We had both seen the sign a million times on other trips and neither of us had ever visited.

                We really did not have a plan for our drive so we went to take a look. It was really neat. Ian had grabbed Ella’s little backpack so she got to go on her first hike. She had so much fun. The trail was nice and easy. It just wrapped around to the other side of the bridge but it still counts.

                They also have a little cabin set up as a museum with things from the 1800’s, including a still that the shiners used. It was original to the property. The bridge itself was really pretty, I thought. They don’t let you walk on it. Everything is really steep. So if you fell, you probably wouldn’t stop for a while.

                I am so glad that Ella had fun. Ian and I have always enjoyed the outdoors and now we can take the little one on all our favorite trails. Obviously, we will start out easy and the rule will be only hiking trails that we are ok with carrying her.

                Trips like this are great. You can have a lot of fun just traveling around your area. There are so many state parks and neat things to see here in Arkansas and I’m sure other states are the same. It is nice to get out and explore. 

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