Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Spooky Toddler Games

              There are tons of great things you can do to help develop your little one’s skills. Playtime is the best for learning new things especially when they are small. While we were in Joann’s a while back, I found these little Halloween themed buttons and puffballs. We have played several little games with these. 

                Ella had a blast with the buttons. The buttons are in the shape of little spiders, witches on brooms, shoes, cauldrons, and hats. They are in different sizes but we only used the larger ones since La-la still likes to eat things sometimes. Older kiddos can use the sizes to make patterns or match the ones that are the same size. We had little containers that I had saved from her little green beans. Those containers were perfect for her to put the little buttons into and sort them based on shape or color. She really enjoyed matching the colorful spiders and the purple one was, by far, her favorite.

                For the spider game, I set 4 containers out with a different color spider in each. I then gave Ella a spider to match with the correct container. For the witch game, I set out the 4 containers without anything inside. I gave Ella a pile of the witch, shoe, hat, and cauldron buttons. We separated the pile into the containers. She thought the containers made great button catapults as well.

                With the puffballs, again only using the larger ones, we tried to introduce patterns but she isn’t quite there yet. She liked matching up the colors but her favorite thing with the puffs was to fling them around the living room. She was so happy dragging the bag around and kicking at the puffs on the floor. It was a great opportunity to work on another skill, picking up our messes. She really likes helping her mommy.

                This weekend we are heading up to War Eagle. Ella has been helping pack for the trip. She is apparently worried that I will forget her sippy cup and books. It honestly feels a bit like moving with all the things this little girl needs. I’ve been known to over pack but I think I’m being really good this time.

                Anyway, I really hope everyone has a great week and have fun playing with those kiddos.

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