Thursday, October 26, 2017

Spooky Halloween Bow

                I figured that I would share with you how to make a cute little bow for Halloween. Since the 31st is Tuesday, I wanted to make today’s project as simple as possible. All you need to make it is a solid black bow, googly eyes, and hot glue. If you can find a premade bow, that is ideal but you can always make your own. I used a loose bow that I found at Walmart a few weeks ago and attached a clip to the back. You can make your own using 2-inch grosgrain ribbon.

                I had a little bat ring floating around the craft room so I cut the ring part off and attached it to the middle of the bow. I then started placing eyes around the bow to see where I like them. The eyes are on the bigger side so I kept it to 4 sets. If they were a little smaller I would have added a few more.

                Once I was happy with the placement, I attached them. Going set by set, I glued them all down. If you like you can add or remove sets based on your preference and type of bow. Once the glue is cool, you are all set. I hope you liked this quick project and have fun making spooky little bows. 

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