Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Our Crafty Weekend

                Our War Eagle Weekend was amazing and Ella handled the trip really well. It was her first time sleeping away from home and I was a bit worried but she is a little champ. She had a great time wandering all over the camper. She also enjoyed walking her grandparents and Maddy the wiener dog all over the campground. Exercise is very important and I’m sure she was just worried about everyone’s health.

                Friday, we stayed at War Eagle Mill on Friday. We started off with breakfast at the mill which is always good. Ella was not a huge fan of the gravy but loved the eggs and sausage. The mill is functional and Ella had so much fun watching them grind corn. War Eagle and Sharp’s Show were great. There were so many talented exhibitors and we came back with some neat finds. 

                On Saturday, we stopped at a farmer’s market, checked out the regional craft fairs. We were not disappointed. There were a few things that we had seen at War Eagle that we wanted to go back for so we ended the day there. Next time we go, I would really like to check out the little shops in town. They looked interesting but we didn’t have time and didn’t want to overdo it with La-la.

                Once we got home, I was so excited to get back in my craft room. Seeing all the adorable sewn items was extremely motivating. My goal for this week is getting the unicorn outfits done before this weekend. After all of my Halloween projects are done, I have a challenge for myself. I want to see how many different projects I can make out of my fabric and yarn stash/hoard without wasting anything. It is going to be fun and I will be doing a few posts about my progress. There are so many old projects that are going to be at the top of my list.

               I hope everyone had a great weekend. Happy crafting. 

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