Saturday, October 14, 2017

Making Legwarmers for Little Legs

                I am a big fan of fun socks. This time of year is the perfect time to find cute designs for the holidays and things but I have had a hard time finding as many for Ella. Legwarmers are adorable on little ones and super easy to make. I found some adorable socks and made a couple pairs for Ella. Here is how to make some for your little pumpkin using knee-high, or taller, socks and 1/2-inch elastic.

                You will need to measure the length of your baby’s leg and around their ankle. For Ella that was about a foot. Lay the socks down flat and mark your measurement on the sock plus an inch and a half. I left the top of the sock as it was since Ella is older and has some chunky little legs. If the top is a bit loose on your baby, add another inch and a half to the total length and measure around your baby’s thigh.

                Cut the socks where you marked your total length, For Ella, this was 14 3/4 inches. Flip them inside out and fold the raw end of the sock up 3/4 of an inch to make a casing for your elastic. Using a zig zag stitch, stitch most of the way around the folded edge leaving an inch gap. Cut your elastic to the ankle measurement plus 1/2 an inch to allow the ends to overlap. Insert the elastic into the casing through the gap in the stitching. To do this, you can attach a safety pin, bodkin, or elastic tool, to the end of the elastic and push it around the casing. Overlap the ends of the elastic and stitch it closed. Settle the elastic into the casing and close it up using the zig zag stitch.

                If you need to make the top smaller just repeat the steps for the ankle on the top of the sock and use the measurement for your baby’s thigh plus 1/2 an inch for your elastic. For Ella, I left the top of the sock as is. So, once the ankle elastic was in, I was able to flip them right side out and they are good to go.

                I made the pair with the kitty cats for Halloween and a pink and white striped pair for Ella to wear for Race for the Cure. This will be her first time doing the race so I made her a cute little outfit. It is always a lot of fun. I hope you have fun making these for your little one. Ella has really enjoyed hers so far. 

Pictures are done. Now it's story time.

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