Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Make a Magical Cat for Your Door

I have been looking for some new Halloween decorations for the house. We had a few little things from the old apartment last year and with La-la being so small, I didn’t think much about it. This year I wanted some things for the front door and in the garden. We found large cat eyes at Joann's and my first thought was to make a wreath. Here is how I did it.

                We found a great tinsel wreath at Michael’s. They are available in all kinds of colors and shapes to fit your d├ęcor. Hot glue is my best friend and worked really well to hold the eyes in place. For more stability, I attached pipe cleaners to the back of each eye and wired them to the frame inside the wreath.
Just twist the legs around the inner frame.

                For the nose and whiskers, I used a scrap of the glitter foam from last week’s bat and silver pipe cleaners. I cut the nose shape and glued the whiskers to either side. Once the glue was cool and set, I laid the whiskers across the bottom half of the wreath so that the nose would be in the right spot. A spot of hot glue on each whisker was enough to hold the nose in place.

If your ears don't stand up, you can add wire to the back as support.
                The ears are made from sequin banner pieces. Joann’s has them in packs of 2. They have a felt back and are a bit more rigid so they stand up well. You can also use thick felt or craft foam. I put a line of glue across the bottom of the triangle to hold it on the back of the wreath frame. I took the little hat off a little Halloween headband. It was a bit squished but I was able to straighten it out and attach it between the two ears.

                To finish it off, I attached a little bell on the bottom with a pink ribbon to match the hat. I used a cute little star bell that was left over from a previous project. It has been several years now so I do not remember exactly where I got it. The wreath hanger hooks onto the frame perfectly behind the hat so there was no need to add anything else.

                I am so happy with how it turned out and it was so much fun to make. I hope you have a blast decorating too!

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