Monday, October 30, 2017

Boo at the Zoo

                Every year for Halloween our local Zoo puts on a little carnival with rides and trick or treating. I remember going when we were kiddos now we take our little ones every year. They always have a great time and it seems to just keep getting bigger and better.

                Last night was great and fall weather is finally here so it actually feels like October. Ella really enjoys playing with her cousins and had a blast running around in her costume. One good thing about using the plush fleece is that it kept her nice and warm. I used plush fleece and it was pretty terrible. No fabric has made me say the things that this fleece has. It was frustrating but really worth it. She loves playing in the little costume and it should last her a while.

                Ella’s favorite parts of the night were the were the haunted train ride and the carousel. She is a tiny thrill seeker. It is so funny because she thinks monsters are hilarious. Obviously, we have not shown her anything super scary. She is a fan of “kid scary.”  The Over the Jumps Carousel was a huge hit as always. It is an amazing historic ride from 1924. We usually have to ride it at least a few times. Ella just cackled as the horses went up and down the hills.

                We ended the night at the little dance party. Ella kept up with the bigger kids really well. She didn’t even have any candy. She slept so well last night and even slept in a bit this morning. That is not something that happens often. 

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