Thursday, October 5, 2017

Bat Headband!

                I have had so much fun making these headbands. Anything that I put on La-la’s head is both adorable and hilarious. In the store the other day, I put a tiny top hat on her and could not stop laughing. It was ridiculous and a few strangers gave me some pretty crazy looks. There are a few headbands that I have been working on. Here is how I made this adorable bat.

                For this one, I wanted something a little stiffer but not too heavy. The wings are larger and I was afraid felt would sag. Craft foam was a perfect choice and is extremely simple to work with. You can find the foam at your local craft store or online in individual sheets or larger packs. I wanted the wings to sparkle on both the front and back. Laying two sheets of black foam with the glitter sides together, I freehanded a batwing shape and cut it out of both sheets. Using the first wing as a pattern, I cut out the second set of wings ending up with 4 separate wing pieces. With the glitter sides out, I laid the left and right wing pieces together. I wanted to have the wings attach to the band and match the curve so I traced the band and trimmed off the extra. The ears were made using the same process.

                To add extra glam, I added the silver inside of the wings and ears. After coming up with the shape, I cut one to mirror for the other wing. The shapes were made by taking a wing cut out of the silver and dividing it into parts for size.  Starting on the outer most silver shape, I worked my way inward fitting them together and trimming as I went.

                I first glued the wing and ear halves together and then added the silver. To assemble them I used craft glue and let it set while I worked on other projects. Once the glue was set, I hot glued the wings to the sides of the band and the ears on top. This one is meant to fit La-la’s little noggin so the headband is tiny. This same process would work perfectly for an adult size as well. I do recommend trying on the headband if you can, so you know it will be comfy. I hope you enjoy making your own little bats! 

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