Saturday, September 2, 2017

Let Your Baby Paint!

            Now that Ella is more active, and has more energy than anyone would ever need, we have been doing fun little projects during the day. Her favorite has been painting. She is just like her mama. I just knew she was going to be an artist. I have non-toxic paints and loads of canvas just sitting around doing nothing so why not let her have fun.

At first, I wanted to let her play outside but the weather had other plans. Since it has been pretty yucky with the rain and all we had to paint inside. I wanted to make sure she could have fun and it would be fairly easy to clean up. The canvas that I had set aside for her to use was the perfect size to fit in the tub so that is what we did. With tub emptied of all her toys, I laid the canvas on the bottom and striped the little squirrel down to her diaper. I really don’t like doing more laundry than is really necessary.

It took a bit of coaxing but, once she got started, there was no stopping her. Most of the painting ended up in the tub which got a bit slippery. She doesn’t like sitting down now so we had to get her cleaned up. Her little masterpiece is adorable. She even signed it with her little foot print.

Everything was covered in her little green paint mix but since we were already in the tub playtime just turned to bath time. She even helped me clean up the tub. Really, everything cleaned up really easily.

If you don’t want the mess at all, you can still let your little one paint. Just use either a small canvas panel or paper that you seal up in a freezer bag. They can push the paint around through the bag without the need for bath time right after. We did this so she could play with homemade slime and she loved it. The freezer bags are sturdy but I would recommend taping up or gluing the top closed. We had a small mishap where my bag popped open and slime oozed all over my counter. I taped it up and had no more issues.

Either way you choose, you will want to make sure that your paints are non-toxic. You can also find recipes for edible, baby safe finger paints using yogurt and food coloring on Pinterest. We haven’t tried any yet but she loves yogurt so I’m sure we will soon.  I hope you and your little one have a blast making a masterpiece.

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