Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Wild Wednesday!

     We have had a fun filled week so far. The birthday projects are just about done. I should have a post on the center piece up next week. I have never worked with spray foam so that should be fun. We have been getting ideas for Lala's first birthday and cake pictures this weekend. Also, Monday was Ian's birthday. It was basically his weekend to have fun so that means steak dinner with the family and man stuff. Everyone had a great time.

She barely looked up for a picture.

     Ella has officially found the kitchen cabinets. We have had the dangerous ones locked since she became mobile, of course. She thinks the pots and pans are just amazing. It's really adorable. I have been saving different kitchen utensils to give her as a birthday present but I broke down and gave them to her early. She was having such a good time and I can be a bit of a softy.

     It has really been a life saver. My mom said we loved our little utensil cabinets and that is the reason I was collecting things. She played with them while I was able to get a few things done. Teething has been rough lately and she has needed loads of mommy time so I hadn't been as productive as I should have been. I really wish I had given them to her earlier because she really enjoys them. She has become a fabulous little sous chef.

     We had a drawer of bibs and fabric shopping bags that we made her own little space. There was no keeping her out of that drawer anyway. If your little one likes to play with your pots and pans or you want to give them a fun activity while you are getting things done, make them a spot. You can give them old things that you do not use anymore. If you don't have any already just run over to your local flea markets or goodwill. You can find some great deals and the older pots that I found aren't as heavy as mine.

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  1. What a good idea to give her a drawer. Babies have such an attraction to kitchen things. I used to carry a set of measuring spoons in my diaper bag for my babies to play with when we were out. Love your blog.