Sunday, August 27, 2017

Party time!

    Ella's party was a hit. She had a blast visiting with family and friends. I think next year we will be going somewhere and paying people to set up and take down the party. It is a ton of work to throw a child's party! I'm kidding, mostly. I really did have fun making the decorations and even the coral turned out looking like coral. The spray foam was a bit tricky to work with. I definitely recommend practicing if you have not worked with it before.

     The foam expanded much more than an I thought it would. It ended up with a thicker organic look which I painted to match the theme. Make sure that you spray it on wax paper. That will make it easier to remove from the surface. The water background was made by using tablecloths. It was a lot of work but it all paid off. Everyone had a good time, I think. Ella has loved playing with her gifts and eating leftover BBQ chicken.

      She loved her little cake. By the end, she was covered in blue along with the back of the chair and her bath water once she was done with her cake. She was a ball of energy until the sugar wore off. It will be a while before she has that much again. Well, I am going to finish cleaning everything up and relax for a little bit.

sugar crash

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