Thursday, July 20, 2017

Things to do Thursday

     So, Ella's birthday is in just over a month. It will be her first birthday so I want it to be special and adorable. We are doing a mermaid theme and have been gathering supplies for birthday craft projects. Also, trying adorable hats on Ella. She really is a good sport.

     As I get the projects going, I will post them. So far, I have started our shirts for the party and a few sea creature decorations. I don't have any pictures of my jelly fish since they are still just cut up party lanterns at the moment but here is a shirt that is drying. It was stenciled and will end up saying mer-mama. I am making one for Ian as well. There are quite a few great sea life stencils but surprisingly few mermaids. The puffy fabric paint has been working very well so far. Once I get the pictures taken and everything drys, I will do a post on how I made the shirts. This is just a little preview.

     I am having a blast planing and making things and I hope you enjoy seeing the projects to come. Now, there are times that crafts do not go as planed. I really should have been taking pictures to post.  We can call it "When Good Crafts go Bad." Anyway, I am terrible about getting something stuck in my head. If the idea does not work out, I get extremely frustrated. Crafting should not be frustrating. As long as you look at your project with that same failed idea in mind, it will only upset you. Don't give up. In my case, I was attempting to make a dress out of some vintage fabric that I had found flea marketing. The fabric that I chose to line the dress was total garbage and, because I tried to make it work, the dress was a ruined. Well, I hated to lose the pretty vintage fabric but I was just sick about my dress not working. The problem was with the top so why not chop that off and make a cute skirt? That is what I decided to do. 

I was able to save the pockets too!
     This is exactly why I say that there are no wrong answers when creating. Enjoy the process and happy crafting!

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