Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Terrific Tuesday!

     The last few weeks have been very productive. I have reorganized my sewing room. We had to change up Lala’s command center with her getting bigger and more mobile. She likes to be in the sewing room with mommy and “help.” Mostly, that means making sure the fabric is fun and soft, keeping me on my toes, and watching Peppa Pig. With her great supervision, I have been able to finish a few projects.
Working on the new command center.
     We have made Lala more pants like the ones in my previous post. She is a Disney girl so we made some with Elsa and Anna on them along with a Frozen book. I want to list some toys in the shop so I have made her some to test patterns. If they pass the Ella test, they can be made for the shop. She has liked them all so far.
I look crazy but she is adorable as always.
      I have a nerdy side and I let it shine. (Those are Star Wars pajamas in the picture above.) The newest apron I made is Tardis Inspired and I think it is super cute. I may add more pockets on the skirt later on but for now it works with the 2 up top. My domestic side really loves aprons and they are fun to make. Ella will get to use her little vintage half apron once she is able to help cook. Right now, she likes playing with the stuff in her special drawer.
My Tardis apron, our flea market finds, and the pajamas in progress.
      We have been flea marketing which is one of my favorite pastimes. You can find so many fun things in flea markets and thrift stores. This weekend I found some great vintage fabrics. I am making pajamas out of one of the fabrics. I haven’t decided what to make with the others but they are going to be amazing. I hope.

      Also, Ella turned 10 months old and we like taking pictures each month with her elephant. This month, she had a ton of fun taking the pictures and we got some great action shots. Here are a few of the best ones.
This one ended up being the winner.

      There are more projects in the works and I can’t wait to bring them all to you. I hope you enjoyed today’s post and happy crafting!

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