Thursday, June 29, 2017

Summer Adventures

     Last weekend, we took the kids to The Memphis Zoo. It was Lala's first trip to that zoo and her first trip out of the state. It wasn't that far out of state but I am counting it anyway. I was a little worried about her riding in the car for that long but she was perfect.

     It's really a great time to visit because of the new additions. They have built a new hippo exhibit for baby Winnie and her mother. Lala enjoyed getting to see little Winnie. We also got to meet and feed the giraffes. That was a tad overwhelming for Ella since their faces are bigger than her. She did end up being OK after seeing the other kids not being eaten.

     She was so excited to see all of the animals. There is no way I can deny her since I get just as excited. With everything going on, she did not worry about her teething pain which was great.

     When taking the little ones out in the summer heat, you have to make sure they are safe. Sunday was incredibly hot and, with all the excitement, Ella did not give us the usual hunger signs like she normally would. The older kids will tell you that they are hot or thirsty but the little ones can't. You must stay on top of things. Make sure that they are drinking enough and that you have sunscreen. Ella and I are both very light. I got burned, as usual, and she did not.

     The highlight of Ella's day was the sting rays. She loved watching them glide around their pool. If I would have let her, she would have jumped in with them. We missed being able to feed them by about an hour but the touch tank was open. Next time we are going to make sure to see them a tad earlier.

          It was a great day out with the family. If you are looking for a fun summer adventure, you may want to look around your area. Check out your local zoo, parks, or museums. During the summer they are likely to have special events and programs for children and families. 

Have fun Exploring! 

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