Friday, May 26, 2017

Fun with Flower Pots

          We have been working to get our flower beds and veggie gardens prepped and planted. They are doing fabulously and Lala has served as a great little supervisor but, as she gets bigger, she wants to be more involved. Kiddos of all ages can join in the fun. They may not be able to do the heavier lifting but they can help pick flowers and decorations. That part is the most fun anyway. What we've got here is a fun little flower pot that the kids can decorate and show off. Your little ones will have fun putting their own touch on the patio or garden. 

Things that you will need 
  • terra cotta pot and saucer of any size 
  • outdoor paint 
  • stencils 
  • brushes 

You can get plain terra cotta flower pots at any home improvement store relatively inexpensively. You will want to pick a size that will work for your space and the plants that you want to keep. One that is too small will restrict the plant too much and one that is too big would be obnoxious in small spaces. We chose a medium pot here.

The outdoor paint is available in craft stores or even Walmart. I just picked up the Waverly brand from Walmart since we live quite a way away from my favorite craft stores. You can also order online if you are in that same situation. If you like, you can choose to use stencils or let you little ones free hand their own design.

When you start to paint, you will want to make sure that the pot is clean and dry. What I've done is paint a solid coat of teal and white as a base. Before adding anything else make sure you give your paint plenty of time to dry. Otherwise you will end up with a big tacky mess. Once your base is dry you can go on to add your stencils. Using sponges to dab the paint over the stencil will keep your stencil from moving and make it easier to create the design. Once you have the design the way you want it, let the pot dry again completely before potting your plant. 

As for other embellishments, fairy gardens are extremely popular right now. You can find all sorts of miniature furniture and decorations which can add to your design. Ella is a huge fan of Winnie the Pooh. He and his friends have already made a home in one of our containers out front.

 There are no wrong answers so, as always, just have fun!