Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Making Money as a Stay at Home Mom

When I imagined having kids, I wanted to be that perfect stay at home mom with the clean house and dinner on the table every night. My Pinterest boards are full of pins that I have saved in preparation. There is one issue that keeps coming up and that is bills. I have been scouring the web over the last several months for ways to earn a living working from home. Well, I quit my job last week and here is how I am making money from home.

1. Transcription - I have joined up with to work part time transcribing audio files. The pay is per audio minute and you can work when you want and as much as you want. To get started, there is a skill evaluation as with any transcription service out there. Once submitted, the hiring team reviews your work and contacts you via email with their answer. The work is great but the projects do get claimed pretty quick and sometimes only stay available for a second or two. That being said, you have to be quick and keep watch on the site. Otherwise it's great and you can use your own transcription gear or use the tools that they provide. I would definitely recommend using a headset.

2. Online Shop - As those of you who have seen my post know, I run an Etsy shop. I make baby items, toys, and offer craft supplies for sale. The shop gets a fair amount of traffic thanks to social media. You can also sell on eBay, Facebook, or Amazon. There are several ways to get your products out and in front of potential customers. It may be slow going at first but once you get good positive feedback, sales will come more easily. So, if you have a special talent, skill, or just extra stuff to offer up, this could be a great opportunity.

3. Blogging - I have had more fun creating and running my little blog. You can start a blog fairly easily. Time and patience are a must. I have sat here staring at the screen fighting writer's block on several occasions. You will not be making the big bucks right off the bat. The best advice I have is to choose a topic you are passionate about so you will be more comfortable talking about it and it wont hurt so badly when you are working for little to no pay. I will have to say that social media works wonders for getting the blog out and attracting new readers.

4. Amazon Associates - This is what used to be called Amazon Affiliates. You post links to your social media or add them into blog post to guide readers to items on amazon for a percentage of the purchase amount. They make it fairly easy to share products and create links. Also, you can create stores using products that fit your site.

There are more ways that I have found but these are the ones that I use. Take a look at them, have fun, and good luck!

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