Thursday, April 13, 2017

Busy Busy

Ella modeling a new awesome robot bib.

           The last few weeks have been fairly productive. I have been working on sewing projects for the shop and will be posting them soon on Etsy. We have also finally gotten the garden started. Spring decided to start a bit early around here. When we bought our home last year I was still very pregnant so, after the baby shower was over, the flower bed was pretty badly neglected. This year my little helper has done a great job of supervising from her little play area while I show it some TLC. She thinks it’s fun to watch Mom do manual labor. Right now, the flower beds are a little bare so I am gathering plants. I have always loved bright colorful flower beds so that will be the route we take. The veggie and herb gardens are taking off too. Lala really likes going out to water and talk about the plants.

The gardens are not the only thing we have been spring cleaning. I have been working on unloading the extra stuff that we still have laying around after the move. I kept thinking I would get around to putting a garage sale together and decided that sounded just awful so we took everything to goodwill. My hat is off to anyone who can pull one off but I have never had much luck. There was one year that my sister and I held a big garage sale at my grandmother’s house. It was going well until the neighbor came back from his hunt and started cleaning a deer in his front yard. It was horrible and we lost all our traffic.

Anyway, I will be back to posting regularly soon and I have the new Facebook page up so come on by. 


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