Thursday, January 5, 2017

Sewing Fun!

     So, I have been making burp cloths and toys for my new shop. It will be opening soon meaning I have been really busy on my days off from my full time job. Lala has been out of daycare and has been a great "help". From supervising the work flow to testing the product, she keeps Mommy on track and moving. She is now getting big enough to become bored. To fix this, I set her up a little command center.

Looks like hank is about to lose another leg.

     She sat and played in her little saucer and listened to me squawk Disney songs while I finished up a stuffed lamb. We had a great time putting him together, turning him right side out, stuffing him, and sewing him up. My explanation of what I was doing and why was apparently hilarious. Start them young I say. 

      I know It's difficult to get things done with the little ones and nap times are only so long. A good command center is essential for the parent that needs to get so work done. This isn't just a great idea for your sewing room or home office either. I will be setting one up in the living room for when I need to do my chores during the day since her swing is no longer cutting it. 

Happy crafting! 

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