Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Do More With Diapers


     I know a lot of moms that use cloth diapers. They are a great choice for their most obvious use but their absorbency is fantastic. I have made bibs, burp cloths, and cloths for general clean up which have become my absolute favorites. You can use the pre-folded diapers but for these I like to use the flat diapers and fold them myself.

      With mine, I take a cute little fabric piece for one side and sew it to a flat diaper which has been folded in half. This is a great way to use up larger scraps left over from other projects. If there are no scraps to use, fat quarters provide an excellent size when cut in half. 9x24 is the size that I try to use most. Make sure to pre-wash the fabric and the diapers to shrink them before sewing. To assemble the burp cloths, pin the fabric to the cloth diaper which has been folded in half. Make sure that you pin the right side (the side you want to show) facing in toward the diaper.

     Sew with 1/2" seam allowance around the edges of the project. Leave a 3" opening to turn the burp cloth right side out. Once the cloth is turned you can tuck in the raw edges of the opening and top stitch around 1/2" the edge.

     Congratulations! You have now made one of my favorite burp cloths.

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