Thursday, November 17, 2016

Pine Cone Turkeys!

Holiday Crafting Time!

This time of year is so fun for our little ones. No matter what your family believes there are exciting things taking place whether it is a fun holiday or a snow day. With Thanksgiving coming up, I wanted to take a look at fun turkey crafts you can make with your little pilgrims. I hope you enjoy creating this little guy and remember that there is no wrong way in arts and crafts. 

Pine cone Turkey

You will need:

Good sized pine cone
Construction paper in brown, orange,red, and yellow
Googly eyes

1.      Lay your pine cone on its side. It is helpful to choose a pine cone that will stay put when laying down. 

2.       Cut construction paper in to feather shapes and a head for your turkey. The shape that I used is close to a stretched rain drop with the tip cut off. 

3.       Glue feathers into the wide end of the pine cone and the head into the narrow end. The type of glue depends on personal preference, however, I do not recommend a glue stick for anything but the face. 

4.       Add the eyes and waddle to his little turkey face and glue into the front of your pine cone. 

5.       Have fun with it! 

You can use smaller pine cones to make smaller turkeys to add into wreaths or a big one and use as a cute center piece. Your kids will have a blast helping to make the decor and even more fun showing them off to family. 

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