Thursday, November 10, 2016

Hello Internet!

It has been a super huge year for my family. As they say, we grew by 2 little feet and we bought our first home. No more apartment living! Starting this new chapter of life as parents, I figured I would start this fun little blog and finally get my store going.
I found out that I was pregnant last year right before Christmas and things haven't slowed down since. To keep my mind from turning on me and coming up with scary things that could be wrong with me or my baby, I scoured Pinterest for all the little projects I could find. How would I decorate the nursery? What toys or clothes could I make? Toys are my favorites to make yet blankies have been handier. My little one has a tendency to be cold just like her mommy.
My family has always been crafty. It is basically tradition. My great grandmother started teaching me to sew when I was very young and my interest has only grown from there. Handmade items are a big deal for us whether sewn, quilted, knit, or whatever other skill you may have. Crafting for kids is really a ton of fun and, with this blog, I would love to share what I know and have found with all of you so you can craft for your own little wild child. Now I have been told so many times, now that my little bug is here, that I have to do things for myself as well. That being said, I have some fun things for Mommy as well. 

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